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You’re still reading on but you’re not quite convinced about the price of our taxi service (at most around 100 Euro)? Looking for a better solution to Malpensa Milano taxi? We’ll save you the time and effort and let you know here and now the only other valid solution is the Malpensa Express train. But now we’ll explain why our service beats even that!

The Malpensa Express connects Malpensa with Piazzale Cadorna in Milan and costs 12 Euro per person. Let’s say there are three of you, so the total fare’s going to come to 36 Euro. Pretty fair, you think, but you haven’t considered all the other costs you pay just getting to the station!

For example, if you’re lucky enough to live around Piazzale Cadorna in central Milan, chances are you can get to the station without too much extra expense. But if you live out in the hinterland, you’d have to get a taxi to catch the Malpensa Express, which is already a substantial extra cost. The worst scenario would be with 4 people living in four different parts of the city far from Piazzale Cadorna. In that case the cost of each taxi would be around 25 Euro, plus the train, meaning in the end you’re spending around 150 Euro. An awful lot more than our Malpensa Milano taxi would cost you!

Then here’s the question of comfort. OK, so if you’re travelling alone or just a couple, even if you have to take a taxi, with the cost of the train you’d still be spending less than you would with us. That’s perfectly true, but then you have to consider the comfort factor.

If you’re catching a plane you’re sure to be loaded down with luggage and everything else you have to take with you. Let us tell you: there’s a big difference between travelling in one of our comfortable, classy Mercedes than cramming into a shuttle train like so many sardines!

Taxi Malpensa Linate and viceversa: 95,00 euro

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